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Residential FIGs


A Residential FIG provides a unique FIG experience. In addition to co-enrolling in the two core courses and College Connections course, the twenty-five students will live in the same housing complex, which they share with non-FIG students. FIG students will live close enough so that they can form study groups and find other students with similar interests, but not so close as to limit the circle of friends. For this reason, several theme-related FIGs will be housed in the same residence complex. An example is the Creative Arts Residence Hall where the Architecture, the Music, and the Theater Arts FIGs will be found.

In addition, a Residential FIG Academic Assistant (Res FA) lives in the same residential community as the students participating in the FIG. Res FAs are advanced undergraduate student mentors who live in the hall and are available to help form study groups, bring speakers into the hall, help with pre-registration advising and help direct students to campus resources. The Res FA helps support the Resident Assistant (RA) to create a great living experience.

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